The History of Spring Lake New Jersey

Start with the romantic warmth of a historic inn, add blissfully old fashioned charm and hospitality. Then, blend in the rich history and charm of one of New Jersey’s seaside jewels know now as Spring Lake.

But that is today, let’s take a look back at how it all started. The history of Spring Lake, New Jersey is glorious and fascinating.

Yesteryear is Remembered on the Jersey Shore

In 1875, ninety years after the American Revolution, Spring Lake consisted of a clear blue lake, three farm tracts, isolated homes of rugged fishermen and an embryo summer town called Brighton.

Spurred by the introduction of rail service and the closing of the nation’s Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia in 1876, an opportunity for enterprising individuals emerged. Wealthy Philadelphians and New Yorkers alike purchased discarded lumber and entire buildings affectionately named “Centennial Relics” and then transported them to Spring Lake.

This movement and the subsequent publicity led to the formation of the Spring Lake Beach Improvement Company, which united the areas of Como, Brighton, and Villa Park into present day Spring Lake.

In 1888 our Chateau Inn & Suites is founded. By 1903, this elegant resort town boasted the finest hotels, pretentious private cottages, and lavish estates and had become a center for social gaiety famous throughout America.

Today, our picturesque seaside village retains much of the history and charm so endeared by the vested self-interest of our town’s early founders.

Streets and avenues echo of years gone by, historic mansions stand tall along our shores and our finest hotels and inns continue to flourish. Spring Lake’s development truly is a remarkable achievement, a legacy where the past is ever-present.

The Historic Inns of Spring Lake

The Chateau is one of the founding members of the Elite Inns Association known as The Historic Inns of Spring Lake. Founded in 2006, the Historic Inns of Spring Lake assembled the Jersey Shore’s most highly rated and elegant Inn’s into one Association. There are currently 11 members in the Greater Spring Lake Region.